Working with Us

Our Requirements

Before commencing work on a new case, we usually require the following documents:

Our Requirements

  • Financial Planning Questionnaire

  • Risk Assessment

  • Ceding Scheme Information

  • Our Submission Form

You will be granted access to our secure GDPR-compliant portal, granting you the peace of mind that documents will be sent and received securely.

Suitability Templates

We have a library of suitability templates available to provide for most scenarios. However, we are also happy to use your own template if this is your preference.


We can work on a fixed or time cost basis. Generally, we are asked to work on a fixed cost basis, this is charged depending on the type of case and fees start from £125 plus VAT. For a full fee schedule, please email

Turnaround Times

We work to a turnaround time of 5 working days for all of our reports.

Financial Advice

PJM Paraplanning and Consultancy Services Ltd are NOT regulated or authorised to provide financial advice. The financial adviser for the case in question will remain responsible for the advice provided.

Data Protection

PJM Paraplanning and Consultancy Services Ltd complies with the Data Protection Act 1984, 1998 and 2018.

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